Written by: Nesma Alnsour

Thoughts racing in my head
Can’t focus on one
To many thoughts to bare
Lots of voices I can’t understand 
I can’t explain
I get hold of one until it slips by its very end
I gasp for air hoping for stillness
Desperately clinging 
By its loose end 
Lots of questions I can’t answer
Beyond the anger
and shattering thoughts
There’s something missing
My breath gets heavier 
As my thoughts burst in my head
I gaze through nothingness
Trying to relieve my brain 
Everything goes blank
World stop spinning
Clock stop ticking
I’m there in the middle
In a place unknown
Relief and pain
I blink
I’m still here!
I shake my head
I’m still here!
Where is here?
No light 
No colors
No life 
Yet I can hear those voices 
From far away
I can hear their footsteps
They are coming my way
I run through emptiness 
Yet I’m not moving at all
I'm out of breath
Yet I’m getting no where
Emptiness grapes me by the leg
I slip into more emptiness
Until it all turns to blackness 
They hold me from the back
leave me falling in a deep dark hall
And here I go again ....