Destiny's Child

Written by: Darius Knight

Watching the world calling my name as I stand at the top of the stage,
The heat of the lights embraces my excitement as I see the fans has no limit of age.
I raise the mic and smile as I hear them scream louder with love,
The peak of my life...a chapter that can be endless...but right before it begins I'll left
my hands and look up to thank the Man above.

...Imagine that...

Hundreds of notch companies...all of them on standby awaiting my voice,
They know as far as promotions go we're the number one choice.
I stand with a head held high as I realize the empire we created,
Reaching a mountaintop...a dream that became a I smile cause the haters said
I couldn't make it.


...Imagine that...


Together we stand to reach the goals of our ambitions to rise,
Soon and very soon this team will gain satisfaction when we snatch our prize.
I scream EntertainMe Promotions to the world for they all will know of this soon to be
Once we reach our foundation these thoughts will no longer be a fantasy.


HillTop...EntMe...never doubt your will and never forget your something worth-while,
Cause through it all as G-Splash has said...don't think about them three girls...WE'RE