society of lies

Written by: Samantha Search

confused and muddled
that is all life is
to show the barest emotion
to society it is forbidden

outlawed like a criminal
you can't be yourself
it's always you can't do this or that

but against society no one stands
for if so you will get shunned
called a "freak" or "not normal"

and because of this oppression
your life will become undone
resorting to insanity or sucide

but sadly in this world 
you have to be perfect
no flaws or mishaps

to be the best idol you can be
is what is wanted from society
so god forbid if you want to be different

you always have to abide by the rules
but sometimes the ones who make them
don't even follow their own law

so why yell at us when we break them
why aren't they repremanded
or cast out when they don't even follow them

so let us stand up to society 
and show them it's ok to be different
lets show society that we can stand on
our own without them