The Pleasure of Contentment

Written by: Kim Hilliker

As I reflect for a moment to consider my content,
My soul is astonished to decipher a life well spent.

I hope it's not my mood that will soon pass away;
But rather, a truth that I will discover today.

You see, I have pouted for most of my existence
Despite a determination that kept me going the distance.  .

Wealth has escaped me, and beauty has crept away
Struggle has been my partner as I've ventured everyday.

Being my worst enemy is an emotion I have mastered
While defeats overshadow my accomplishments ever after.          

And, I've often declared that should I ever pass away,
It should be memorialized as being my happiest day.

So, I stand here bewildered by the notion I am teasing
I'm blindsided thinking that life might have been pleasing.

I have slipped on my journey, but never did I fall-
Maybe the universe has blessed my life path after-all

And if so, how could my thinking have been so corrupted
And, why is my mindset being so sweetly interrupted?

Whatever the reason and for whatever the measure
I welcome the enlightenment and delight in the pleasure.