Dreams of Innocence

Written by: Johnny Pyro

Lost in stealth's memories evading time's awareness and penetrations from the speed of silence
Where hollow grounds open diverge
To the beginning of the subconscious rebirth
Where moments of monuments cherished will ever collide, rebind
Thoughts crescend, emotions diminuend
Performance of originality in motion while watching the speed of diffractions
Density of processes overwhelm the eruption of commotion
Places unbend, intervals vibrate, communicating the dynamic unison
Where space denies motion’s constant supplies
And the night interrupts them spliced with the joy of the morning
Instead bringing the feelings of spring's blossom, mountain dews and pure honey

While the nights now made to commemorate the fairy tales, stories, energies of territories
of yesteryears
That are never meant to return but told
Are now proceeding on the highlighted prisms obtained, reunited by the painting of the
stars and colors
Marking the continuous rebirth of innocence’s presence, remark…