Love Never Dies

Written by: Felipe Vasquez

What is life without love?
And love without loss
For what is lost is loved
And what is loved is alive in our hearts!
Sometimes with look at things so carelessly
Like the end is so near
Like all else doesn’t matter
And we’re left in despair
Like love is nothing but an action
Not really felt nor found,
But made and used…
For just fooling around
Like if I died today
And no one cried
Would that mean that no one loved me?
Because all eyes were dry
No! It means they still think of you
As if you were still alive
They will keep loving you!
Because in there hearts you survived!
Don’t take love so lightly
Care for those in need
Look at what’s around you
Give way for a good deed!
Make life worth living
Make way for happy thoughts
Set goals and ambitions
Die proudly knowing you fought….
Fought for what’s good
And worth living for
Because when the time comes
Those closest to you will walk out that door!
Just keep walking with heads held high
For in your hearts they’ll stay
Knowing that they inspired you
They made you into who you are today!