Broken Heart

Written by: faleshia murphy

My heart is cold so empty so numb
For 21 years I've been so dumb
To honestly believe true love will last
Now my heart is broken as it lays in a cast
I can't feel I can't laugh I can't love
Only thing my heart can do is pump blood

He wants to fix things but it's much to late
Should have thought about that
Before you dealt me a full plate
He want to work things out but he just don't understand
I don't need him or is so called love to make me a woman
Throwing so many years away I just sit and stare
I gave up on his love I'm tired and I just don't care
Tired of being sad all of the time
Tired of lieing and saying I'm fine
Happily ever after HUM.. Imagine that
I fell out of love and I don't want it back