living legend to france

Written by: jason lewis

My bro I am joining you thought your tense and glummer 
To cross the seas and into to the blue 
Into the unknown you go 
What a brave and strong soul you are to me 
A tear drops so sourly down my harden face 
Its dry to these feeling 
Across many of mountains that I have crossed
And sooo passed 
To sing your song to the cap 
Just like I did mine to the green cap
This is one mad song 
A secret is no loner one 
As its always passed 
To at least one 
And then another one 
Running yes 
Hanging out yes 
You have full filled me to be just like you
One hard soul 
You nutter 
Time will tell as I follow your pain though the mud and guts 
Cos that boat is waiting 4 me to cross the path 
The very one you took to for see your past 
I will be there not as a royal marine 
But a French foreign legion