Your Time Of Need

Written by: coty kotlan

One Day You'll Know How It Feels To Be So hurt That You Just Wanna Die. 
When That Day Comes I'll Be There So I Can Watch You Cry While Your 
Wondering Why'd He Leave Me I Thought He Was Everything I Thought He 
Would Be The One to Stand Beside Me For The Rest Of My Life. So I Wonder 
Why. While Your Wondering Why Ill Be Thinkin Maybe Now She Knows How I
Felt When She Left Me Behind And Maybe She'll Understand What She Did To 
My Mind. So While I'm Sittin There Watchin You Cry I'll Be The Bigger Person 
And Come To Your Side. I Can Be Your Shoulder To Cry On Or You Can Make
Me Leave. But You Better Believe That I Love You And Care Or I Wouldn't Be 
There For You In Your Time Of Need.