Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

She come in ter the world as Mary Anne walker, 
But Polly Anne Nichols she took as 'er name.
Frough cicumstance she were a mistress of the night,
And pleasuring the feller's was 'er game.

This pertic'lar evenin' Polly,she were skint
So she went out t' plie 'er trade,
Altho' the night, it were dark and creepy,
Still- there were money ter be made.

She met up wiv some gentlemen,reg'lars she knew.
They said "Polly it's nice ter see yer out,
But be careful darlin' it's a filf'y night 
An' yer never know 'oo might be about.

She laffed and said "I can take care o' meself."
So they went and left 'er all alone.
Then she 'eard footsteps a stealf-like in the street,
An' saw somethin', made 'er shiver ter the bone.

It were dark an' thunderin',rain pourin' down.
No-one 'eard Polly scream in 'er plight.
Then a flash o light'nin' lit up the sky,
An' a glint o' steel shone red in the night.

They found 'er in Buck street the next mornin' 
'er froat it were cut from ear ter ear.
'Er guts a spilt out all over the place
In 'er eyes a look o' Gawd Almighty fear.....

Mary Anne Walker-'Polly'- was 'is first in 1888
Soon the pro's were warned when they went out,
"Watch, 'cause it aint safe in the streets o' London
Not now ol' JACK THE RIPPER, is about."