Admire and all...

Written by: sarah hales

He sits and adores his woman to be 
He has not spoke just admires
As she walks through the door
His eyes are fixed as the scent walks past him
Her hair how it gently flys around her is in his stare
She does not even know hes there
As he sits and watches drinking coffee
She orders his favorite the smoothest of latte
A table oppsit awaits for her
There she stays as her lips are tendered with the taste
She sips with seductive powt her coffee is his dream
As she looks up from her book
She catches a energy and smiles to his content
He smiles he is pounding of intrigue
Does he speak or does he leave
As he watches her body how it talks to him 
He sees how she plays with her curls 
She is aware hes now there
As he says can I pull up a chair 
Now he adores as he sits with her
Admire and all...