new page in my life

Written by: susan viscione

It's time for me to turn the page in my book,
for into the future, 
I must take a look,
the feeling of being sad each day,
I feel  I just can't live that way,
It's scay for sure,
to open new doors,
but that's what I have to do.

upward and onward,
that's what people say,
so here I go,
on my merry way,
to find a new job, that's in my field,
to conquer new obstacles,
and sometimes to yield.

It's true, I went out in a blaze of glory,
when I left the job I left,
yelling and screamng, and full of fury,
but I didn't feel bereft,
somehow it felt right at the time,
I prayed to god, that I'de be fine.