The Convicted

Written by: Emmanuel Abiodun Oke

The Convicted
For Haiti

I am the Niobic victim
Turned to stone
At the cry of the earth
And my hopes, lost in 
The cleft, captured by
A wayward earthquake

     Why me? Mother Nature
     Why do I deserve
     This sheer massacre?
     Wait a minute!
     Are you just angry at me?
     Am I in the conspicuous shoe?
     As Dothan, Koram, and Abiram
     Against you

I am the convicted land
Of ravenous earthquake
Of De-nutrient hope
And flickering future
Whose smile received the 
Malignant woe
And my happiness now garnered
For entombment in a national grave

     Mother Nature, Mother Nature
     Why have you cruelly decided
     To leave me in this wanton debris
     Of strangled status?
     Why so angry at me?
     That my green hope slipped
     Now you’re satisfied at my wreckage
     Aren’t you?

Hark now, o ye victimized
For tomorrow, the eclipsed moon
Will shine to reincarnate the
Captured hope
And the entombed happiness shall blossom
Shining and glowing as the ginger embrace
Of the morning sun
On your De-nutrient hope