Leading the Way

Written by: Diamond Poetry

its hard when things dont go the way you planned
when you screw up 
more and more 
and make things even harder for yourself.
When you do things you shouldnt 
and know you shouldnt 
and then spend weeks worrying about it

You know that its not you
it never has been, or will be 
but you do it anyway
In the moment it feels like it will take your troubles away
make things better for just a moment
A moment of rest, a moment of peace
a moment of enjoyment
that just leads to regret.

There is nothing we can do to change what we do
the choices we make 
and what we've done
but we need to realise our mistakes 
and run with them
Make our lives our own
little special paradise
Yet, we cant do that without pain and suffering
so that we can truly love and be loved in return