What do You Know?

Written by: malika turner

And all this time i've been giving you my all just so you can destroy this relationship and let it fall. You're cold-hearted and all your lies sound so retared and you want me to end something you basically started? Baby this is not an arguement im trying to say you had my heart but you gave away all of it. Please dont say anything because its written all over your face bull and all lies was all you were about to say. If you wanted to go then why didnt you tell me? instead you decided to bring out the hell in me. We were together for four years boo but i did eleven other years without you other girls can climb over that wall but me? im breaking through. Im almost sixteen babyboy and im fine all by myself all i care about now is knowledge, respect and wealth. I thank you for showing me heartbreak for the first time now i know someone is REALLY out there waiting to be mine!