Voices Whisper

Written by: Kristy De La Keur Scoveille

I walk along the fare,
 I seem to not have a care.
Shadows loom everywhere,
 Voices whispering "Beware"

I turn around to see
 Who has said that to me.
Not one person is there!
 All vanished into air!

Voices whispering "Beware"
  Wait who is there?
As I stop to look around,
 Nothing... not a sound.

I turn once again,
 As the whispers begin.
Still no one there,
  Yet I feel your stare.

Though you cannot be seen,
 Your presence I still gleen.
I know you sit in wait,
 Hoping I will take the bait.

I know the reason you hide,
 Your evil is known world wide.
Yet you still want to hunt
 Instead of confront.

Voices whispering "Beware"
 You try to catch me unaware.
I look again to see
 My loved ones surrounding me.

Just slither back into your hole,
 Everyone knows your dark soul.
I will always know you are there,
 For the voices whisper "Beware"