Today Is Native American Day(Not Columbus Day!)

Written by: Michael Benkhen

I will not celebrate a murderer,
a celebration of deceit,
a celebration of slave mongering,
dancing with graves beneath his feet.

I will not celebrate his birth,
I will not celebrate his life,
I may celebrate his death-
but it holds no luxuries in my heart-
let us move on with our lives.

This land has always been.
This land of green and beauty,
None can claim it as their own,
It's wraith is loud and mighty.

Strike the calendar and scratch the date,
take the murderer's name away.
This date is not for him,
it's for those he killed.

Let us celebrate the Indian,
the native Americans and only true,
the people who always kept this land,
tilled it, cared and walked it's sand.
Let us celebrate their history,
their lives and all their hearts.

Let us bridge the gaps between us,
let us join our hands beneath the sun.

Happy Native American Day!!!