What lies beneath

Written by: Nesma Alnsour

Linger through the moonlit night
Wear the mask and cease to exist
A face within a swirl of mist
extend my arm and turn my fist
Red rivers flowing through my veins
Yawls for an exit to freedom
Scratching the inner of my skin

The colors of my face drain
By the shrill of trees dwelling within the mist 
Howls of wind stirs the soul with its every spin 

Eyes rolling everywhere with fake smiles and perfection covering their every inch
Lots of copies rule over this world 
A cry of agony screamed my soul 
A yearn for this play to end

A dream of truth
Cast upon the mind
Try to reach a point where every thought is a positive
Until the day we crash
Hoping for a lie to hide our very soul
A simple three words
Everything is okay!
There lies the process that kills us all
Through our soul it winds and steal our mind

Mighty echoes of silent cries 
Rushes through the nights darkness and bitter silence
With the melody of horror
Down on my knees 
With tears flowing with red rivers 
I wailed in pain
I wail in pity
My reflection is my enemy