My Autumn

Written by: Liz Walsh

Autumn winds blow the intensity of summer from my brain
And cool me – dropping apples from trees abundance 
Feed my soul in readiness for winter’s cold
Golden red leaves drying feed the earth 
Seeds find new homes for Spring.

Autumn’s light is different – it’s gentler
The silhouettes of trees disrobe and
 Find their form again
Swallows have gone to warmer climes
I miss them.  Colour softly fades to shadow
A sort of restful comfort filters me.

Autumn smells are different too
More earthy – back to nature – soft
Drying greens turn brown, then brittle 
And soak into the soil – nature’s cycle nearly complete
Birdsong less excited now – the adrenalin of Spring quieted
Small creatures prepare for hibernation –
 A calming peace settles.