:) my bestfriend.

Written by: Black Shadow

You You You
You kept hope
You kept love
You took me into your arms
Held me strongly till the pain went away
You listened,you always did
The thought of you gave me comfort 
Pain when it's the time I need you to listen
Heartache when it has been too long
Since I saw you,hugged you.
It's been a while, don't you think so ?
We've been seven,seven years !
Feels like I'm losing you now
When you've been too hard to reach,
too hard to talk to you or to see,
You're the brightest
kindest and loyalist of all
I would lose, worst lost of all,
If I lost you,
If by time, we lost contact
If by time, you forgot me
and by distance, we remained.
If anything I could do right now
It would be running into your open warm arms
Crying, because life took so much so far
raped me into circles and break me into pieces,
And made you slowly fade away,
It's been a hard year, my dear.
Are you still there? I'm just checking,
Because I have a lot to say, Are you ready to listen ?