The Secret Life of Horses

Written by: Glen Enloe

We rose from primal stew and God’s full blooming tree—
We grew tall, strong and brave – wild as the wind we ran.
Our fear and swiftness kept us safe from plain to sea,
While only one could tame us: the one known as man.

Still the wind was ours, as we flew throughout this earth—
We bore our burdens well with weight upon our back;
We stopped when we were called by that upon our girth—
Pain seared our mouths and sides to tell us what we lack.

And so it’s come to this; that no more we run wild—
We forge common freedoms that only trust will span—
Yet there are those among us free as any child—
But most ride their narrow trails guided still by man.

So hoof on soil we sail; both joined at hip it seems—
The horse and man alone – the open skies our dreams.