Written by: Louis Borgo

Intellectual emotion, glosh like ghosts FIELDS, 
see the hamptons views, like THE best kept secErts, 
but this is a view for empty voyagy of empires, 
found youre people.

InterMADiation as google eyes glue to march simpson, 
no quote, 
just a walk to the MOVIES, 
like a tradition, 

FASHION states the house or the crib so notice this tag, 
and forward to all friends, 

inTELLectual oh do you speeak hungaryian, 
smile and say cheese with, greART means

the percepection is refine and define as glory times, 
and social rejects are slow to become f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s, 

sweep and listen i blog you lateLY and what is this
HOLIDAY express, wait i GUEST dream is of nonfiction, 
And Tell Goblin Storys.
I guest ill keep to myself....

What is a HORROR HOUSE!!!