Written by: Ryan Emerald

I'm done hearing about how beautiful you are
It only reminds me of how much I lost

I don't need any reason to see you sad
just thinking about it makes me so mad

I've been doing this a while 90 times at least
I've got no reconcile or great fancy feast

Nevertheless I'm smiling 'cause I know
You and me will find someone to hold

and your my best friend 'cause
no one could stand up above

The wonders in your eyes
sending my heart butterflies

Ten Times -I tried-for time-to rhyme-for me-you'll see-
it's me-I'll be-the one-the son-of the damned-and demand

her name is
just another kiss
but I missed
the catch

an ordinary, life
and I love
what's next
and I'm dreaming of...