Pick Your Poison

Written by: Vicki Acquah

 MEAT-steroid cows with mucus. 
           CHICKEN-lame,frightened,grown in six weeks without beaks.
SEAFOOD-tainted and contaminated.        FOOD-sprayed,pesticides.genetically engineered seeds.

AIR-polluted,chem-trails.plenty of carbon monoxide.  WATER-poison algae,oil spiills

 WALKING-breathing is dangerous,no oxygen,no trees. TALKING-Speaking out can get you killed.

 MILK-Full of pus from over stimulated titties.    

                                                                 RELIGION- separates and
creates fanatics.    

POLITICS- fasted way to die. Like Martin ,Malcolm and JFK ....It gets worse If you join; So pick
your poison. Or not!                                                                     

STANDING- in buildings is life threatening too.Innocent lives of every hue. Every religion
and every race. Who's responsible for this early entrance into heaven or paradise? Follow
the money on that day...Who got paid for nine eleven?  And if you lived past that day, You
still have to choose your poison... So ..PICK YOUR POISON...Or not!