a time to live

Written by: john loving iii

a time to live 
 a time to die
a time to laugh 
 a time to cry
a time to mourn
 they that died
a time to remember
 times we laughed and cried

who can recall the fullness of life
 the time when the fruit
they say has turned ripe
then time to harvest
 weather happy or sad
they pick the fruit
 and put it in a bag
it may be prepared
 for a wonderful feast
or preserved for latter
 when the harvest is weak

but to rot on the vine
 is a waste of Gods time
and sinful where usefullness
 was only deceit 
have they been missed
 by the harvesters hand
perhapes left for gleening
 their second chance

but rot on the vine
 is the devils delight
give nothing to anyone
 and stay out of sight
the time to give 
 is waning fast
we're constantly ageing
 with lives that won't last
opportunity soon becomes 
 a thing of the past
but the best come forth
 giving what they have

it seem's at times
 that they are taken from us
our gentle lambs
 we love and trust
but by Glory they are saved
 for a greater day
in the fullness of life
 they went away
from a time to live
 and a time to die
to a time to die 
 and a time to live