Labor Of Love

Written by: Johnny Pyro

Sweet memories swerve
As winds of destiny massage into moments, times
Lullaby scents linger following the streaking trails set by memorial reunions 
Unfurling moments of childhood in tomorrow
Clouds wither tears in seasonal dew
Following the waters along the templates of hollow winds and silver slides
Whistling twirls glide along passionate wings of times pleasantries
Rearranged in patterned confluence
Curling over suspensions of infinite intuitions 
Gaining and gathering momentum in infinite dispersions 
While designing congruence in affluence
Propelling shores off course
Resonance reverberations vibrate, rewind, collide, regenerate and stimulate
The release of translucent intellectual norms 
That slowly settle on subtle charges surging in order
Gradually residing on the serendipitous labor of love 
That lingers selflessly caressing the eternal seat of every source unknown…