Forever never comes

Written by: Sharon Ruebel

He promised forever his love it would last
and now I"m alone here with only the past.

I try not to cry I think only of good
He said I am wrong and I misunderstood.

It's easy to dwell on the things that we said
recounting the questions all here in my head.

Perhaps if I said this or tried to do that
His love would be mine now in place and in tact.

I wonder dear God will this pain leave my heart?
It seems like forever alone here apart.

The couples walk past me, I lower my head
It hurts just to see them, my soul may be dead.

What happens to life that gets tattered and torn?
I wake up so tired and helpless and worn.

I miss his blue eyes and his blond wavy hair
It's hard to believe that he just doesn't care.

Oh please day go quickly and turn into night
It's then while I'm sleeping the pain it takes flight..