To The Goverment

Written by: Vicki Acquah

  To  you : I  entrusted  my  boy:  To you: I gave my child.                   
You kept him for a long while. You never told me the reason or explained to me,the
disloyal treachery -that was shown me!                                                       
 I think that it's kind of like reverse treason! You take my child away and send him to  
front lines. You said he was fighting to protect us. Then I see the big corporations of
murth,my child is gone. Now I am childless and alone. It's like I never gave birth!. My son died for no reason. Leaving me all alone.
    Now I am at your mercy,and no mercy have you shown; I think you are the enemy,true slavery! You took away my dignity,my pride and my son. Who will comfort me; Who will mow my lawn? He was my protector. Now I am childless and alone. Afraid of every plane that flies; Afraid of a government who lies,and hides behind disguise. I cannot grow old gracefully.I might as well die too. I entrusted you my son; whom has died for the wrong reason. He was fighting to give me a better life,so he thought. I call this trick you played with our lives ,the ultimate form of treason! You have spilled the blood of the innocent for Monsanto and Halliburton and countless,nameless corporations, in whose interest you're invested                                                                                        
      Your treasonous treachery,by trickery will always be protested;  By me ...the childless mom. He went to fight with an innocent heart,fighting for our protection: He wrote this letter before his demise...."Forgive me Mother,and I hope God will too,they have me killing babies women and children.We have found no Ben Laden...And all is not well! My soul will not rest, they have sent my soul to hell"...                                                                      
   "Mother.....Now for my soul I ask you to pray, that God untangles my soul from hell: All is not well Mother...Untangle my soul from Hell."                                                                              
End Poem.