Visions of missions of star lights

Written by: Johnny Pyro

Sing meaning through words 
Sing music through songs
Join us strolling, soaring on the wings of musical strings
While enabling our souls refined to delve deep
As we become liberated with vibrations from within
Doors shall open room for truth to pave way 
In accordance to the sum total of choices that some might have made(have to make)
Metal waves will sing our choruses in response to what we have done
And clanging cymbals will render in one accord
Leaving time and age to a consensus on which is right
Through the glorious asunder divine of that heavenly height
Our thoughts with be inspired with words towards the sight
That blurs our visions with missions of star lights…

"Poetry is the description of an image reverberating with colors and sounds"

"Life is continuous in poetry"