Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA (Part 5)

Written by: Ryan Emerald

[90766 Log 005]

7/18     20:38

BETA-- It is nearby now. The ruble ahead blocks your view.
Agent-- Ah, Is it a big building?
BETA-- A fair size, I suppose.

(fiddling of the locks)
Agent-- It's locked. You don't have a key, huh?
BETA-- No. But I have something better.
Agent-- ...
(a shift behind the door. squeak open)
Agent--You did that?
BETA-- Yes. A security measure.
Agent-- I like it. You have proved yourself useful once again
(shouting echoing)
Agent-- Hostile?
BETA-- Hostile forces northwest west.
Agent-- Great... Does this place have a place to hide?
BETA-- No. Before it was a grocery-store.
Agent-- Wonderful. Where is storage?
BETA-- All weapons are stored-
Agent-- Northwest?
BETA-- Yes. Are you familiar with this facility?
Agent-- No I am not.
BETA-- How did you know.
Agent-- Unlucky guess.
(pistol cocked. footsteps)

Agent-- Behind this door?
BETA-- Correct, Sir.
Agent-- You don't trust me.
BETA-- No I do not think you can survive.
Agent-- Nothing I can't handle. I promise.
BETA-- Four, Rank 5 Associates?
Agent-- It would take a thousand to take me down...