Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA (Part 2)

Written by: Ryan Emerald

[90766 Log 002]

7/18     19:13

BETA-- Altitude is reaching maximum height. 
Agent-- It's alright. Nate knows what he's doing.
BETA-- Altitude Red: Critical. I recommend decreasing
Agent-- Nate? A.I. says your going to high.
Nate-- It's o.k. he's just cranky 'cause he's been in here 
for three hours
Agent-- He doesn't get "cranky"
Nate-- This Blade is rigged for higher alt. it can go to the 
moon at this point.
Agent-- Can it get us to New Athens?
Nate-- Always doubting me, relax I can see it from here. 
Ten minutes to touchdown, alright?
Agent-- Sounds good.
BETA-- Is he a Federation licensed pilot? I can not find his
record file.
Agent-- You may have to look under "Discharged Operator"
BETA-- Discharged! This is not legal at all.
Agent-- That's why I didn't want to tell you.

Nate-- So what A.I. did you get? V2 or V3?
Agent-- Four-Point-Four
Nate-- What! You got a trail bot!
Agent-- No I got to keep it...
Nate-- What where they experimenting?
Agent-- O.O.B 
Nate-- Oh, that sounds better than V2...
Agent-- It's less lonley
Nate-- Out Of Body AIs always are.
BETA-- I believe we have arrived
Agent-- Yes we have...