Young, little soul...

Written by: Delilah Ventura

Have a seat listen to this story
Take this weight off my shoulder
She was only human
Young, little soul

She was my best-friend
She was changing life
Never missed a day at school
Had many dreams

She jumped from home, to group homes
She felt so alone
Cried inside, so many tears
As, I kept by her side
Even if she was wrong
Living, her rough life

She left the house one day
When out to play
Visit some friends
Visit the wrong ones

Enter the wrong building
They dragged her inside
The youngest, a teen
Only thirteen
A female at that
Two other involved
The youngest, pulled the trigger
Left her to die
Counting four walls

They took a young soul
A soul, not belonging to them
A soul belonging to many
As I keep her in my dreams
Dreams with new beginnings

One beginning, (is soul rest in peace)
Close your eyes, forget about this crime
For we live , more then one lifetime
In all your dreams.......
So please
Rest your soul in peace.....