Gorgeous grooves

Written by: anthony beesley

making those moves with gorgeous grooves...she fits like a glove and kicks like a boot

My heart beats like a wardrum banging

From her tree of love my heart keeps hanging

She turns me to stone like madam medusa

She's a queen on a throne...a madness seducer

She whispers in my ear...i rise like the sun as she twists all my gears

She's a lioness lady...with sharp deadly fangs she's bitten right through me

With a larconist soul she lies with her lips

She slithers like a snake and i squirm

She screams as i spit...I can't quit

She's an alien addiction

Fuel to the fire...flint to the friction...pen to the paper...crime to the caper

She's got me twisted and torn like a serial raper

I can't shake her...she knows my next 3 moves

Lustful lady with the gorgeous grooves