Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA (Part 1)

Written by: Ryan Emerald

[90766 LOG 001]

7/18     13:23

BETA-- Sir, The facility has issued a search for-
Agent-- I know... it's to late now
BETA-- Protocol states: any AWOL officer or agent will be
terminated after six hours of absence 
Agent-- They won't get the chance
BETA-- Where do you plan to go?
Agent-- North. To New Athens.
BETA-- What do you need there?
Agent-- A place to stay for a while, I have a friend who
lives there.
BETA-- What will you do with yourself?
Agent--I want to...I don't know, the juries out.
BETA-- To lunch?
Agent-- Yeah, 'to lunch'

7/18     16:42

BETA-- We have been walking for three point nineteen
hours, We should stop to find transportation.
Agent-- I'm working on it. I know of a Federation 
vehicle outpost a few kilometers away
BETA-- I do not have knowledge of that station.
It must be a stealth operation facility.
Agent-- Something like that...
BETA-- Ah, That explains it.

[recorded audio feed]

Agent-- Honey I'm home.
Unidentified-- Is that- It can't be. Who's there?
Agent-- It is me...
Unidentified-- No, your dead you've been dead 2 years
there were seven reports of soldiers watching you die
Agent-- I lived, don't you know your own brother?
(foot steps around the corner)
Unidentified-- So the Federation faked it? Made you
one of the Specs? 
Agent-- Yeah, not as great as they make it sound. How
have you been Nate? Still hanging around here, huh?
Nate-- Yup, never gets old. Flying Blades and eating and sleeping.
Agent-- Small talk aside, I'm going to New Athens. I need
a ride, do you want to come?
Nate-- Hmmm...sounds like an adventure but I won't stick around.
Agent-- Why not?
Nate-- You know why. I'm an operator, not a solider. I can't fight.
Agent-- O.K. little bro... When is takeoff?
Nate-- In five...