Nightmarish dream

Written by: Raymond Martineau

Chaos consumes-the danger is vast
and the tormented screams
are far from the last-
how toxic the streams
that flow free from my past

Sadly I know, I'm deprived of my power
and the lingering light
within starts to cower-
how horrific the sight
when my soul starts to cower

Nocturnal skies-and my veins within burning
my demons they writhe
a deep, sickly yearning-
together we thrive...
is there no returning?

Haunting me still-dead, ghostly faces
exciting my fears
in dark gloomy places-
blood red are my tears
in memory of these places

Oh beautiful moon-in this nightmare surreal
has left me so soon...
I wish not to feel-
why leave me so soon
in this darkness so real?

Misery laughs-alone with my pain
and the poisonous fumes
that infected my brain-
how deadly the fumes
that drove me insane

Then from the dark-an angel in view
with beauty unmatched
reminds me of you-
with beauty unmatched...
I'd swear it was you

But I saw you fade-I saw your last pose
and your desolate grave
with that withered red rose-
How I cried at that grave
with that dying red rose

Suddenly warm-your arms wrapped around me
free from all harm
I had forgotten how lovely
free from all harm-
with this angel so lovely

This nightmare consumes-my angel is gone
and the tortured voices
remind me how long-
how tortured the voices
that take me along

Back to unrest-eternity waiting
the beat in my chest
the pain and the fading-
the beat in my chest
I feel myself fading

Back into sorrow-a deadly stream
that swallows my madness
and drowns out my scream
alone in my sadness...
this nightmarish dream

forever in darkness...
this nightmarish dream.