Life Love and Change

Written by: Lemonia Sims

In order for a person to like their life, they have to be willing to change whats going on in 
their life. People should also be capable enough to want to love themselves. Life is all about 
love. Love makes the world go around. Change your thoughts change your world. To the 
world you may be one person, but lovingly to one person you may be the world. Life is all 
about choices if you choose to listen to all your positive voices. Life, Love, and Change 
should make you want to rearrange. Loving life comes at a beautiful price. Jesus Christ died 
so we could have life. Love your neighbor as yourself. Live your life and everything will fall 
into place. Embrace your life to run to win the race. Change your perspective to learn how to 
live your life in retrospective. Love your life to live it day by day. Love the love that comes 
from above. The sky is the limit, for us to live and love each day by the minute. Take time to 
live, take time to love, and take time to change.