somebody loves you

Written by: anthony beesley

wherever you go...wherever you matter how matter how far
somebody loves you

somebody misses sweet kisses and sour delights
pleasure and pain in the middle of the night
shake, rattle and roll till the rooster crows
you're like a river that flows...bold dark beauty with eyes that see through me and my see and my through soul...smooth sailing on rugged roads...precious jewel in a jagged stone
queen on a throne...beaten and battered i'm blackened and blue...remember the time
somebody loves you

somebody waits as minutes drag along...every tick and every tock gets me further from home
gone like a ghost i burn with desire
with rage now i pause...can't take the pain of a lonely lost cause
shooting for the stars and hitting a full harvest moon...remember the night
somebody loves you

wherever you roam...wherever you a nest without thorns you flew as i slept
like an angel in Heaven and an eagle that soars into that 4ever blue
the past is the past and nothing is new...remember this rhyme
somebody loves you