A Devotion to Planet Earth

Written by: Jayne Eggins

We have to rebirth, the soul of this planet 
and pray it be cleansed and gentled evermore,
but as nails keep piercing 
hands reach to smooth across her scared shroud 

It has to be worshipped 
like the apostle to the apostles,
but with a feast of celebration everyday
dressed in her finest, 
she must be read and chronicled by scribes of all ages

If her spirit cries out for a easing, for the torment 
that embroiders across and through her linen,
rent from the abuse and torture of her kin
having sewn by the hands, that marred her

our sacrifice, 
will take Millenniums

to ponder at the fibers of her cloth,
for in the beginning, 
as the interweave of her shroud
we started to spin,
Great wheels through time 
our redemption, 
to sew a forever 
that rebirths from our torments 

Dedicated the P.K.Page