'Who is Sylvia'

Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

Sylvia I was christened And for sixteen years it suited fine. It was then I started working Where another had this name of mine. "To avoid confusion"some bright spark said "Why not call the original(fifty year old)Sylvia by her name And the new one junior instead" Well I was most indignant,teenage ego crushed. I wasn't going to have this at all. So I reached a compromise shortened it toJune And only responded to this call. From then on to everyone even future spouse I introduced myself by this name. Sylvia in personal life slipped away. But for officialdom it remained the same.... I penned this to avoid a build up of confusion And to protect this poet's sanity. Please super Soup friends call me June. When you write Sylvia my mind asks 'who is she'?