Written by: Sidney Beck


Now  bravely  the beloved general
Leaves  the world of parade and medal.
Manoeuvres over,  he does not stay
In   night’s  Volkovskoye   -     ***
But in my heart’s day.

Now mother’s hero  knight,  her love
With eyes blue like sky above,
Who made  her  children,  -
And made her  laugh,  and
Always touched her heart.

Now father,  my sun, finds me ‘neath the stair 
Lifts me from the darkness,  his little hare,
In soft warm  hands  with ease,
Laughing hero of my child stories –
Keeper  of  my  heart’s keys.

Now,  deep under  Hero City’s embrace,  **
I still see his  shining face
Reflected in the night train window.
He travels with me always, rainbow
In my clouded  heart.

**   St. Petersburg (Leningrad) is known as the  Hero  City

*** Volkovskoye  - very large cemetery in St. Petersburg with many war hero graves.