Take a break

Written by: Manoj Kumar

The early morning dew falls on my face
Telling me it's time for me to wake
Wake up and see nature at its best
Wake up, lazy boy! It isn't the time to rest

I look around and see the birds fly
Looking for food, so their chicks don't cry
Chirping merrily singing a joyous song
I find myself wishing I could fly along

Fly with them to the edge of the sky
From where I could see humans trudging by
Going along doing their daily chores
Will less, witless, oh! what bores

Look at the birds and learn thy lesson
It's more than a look that makes us human
When did we stop seeing the sights
Through God given wonders called eyes

Open them eyes and look around
There's much to see, much to be found
Much to teach our little ones
Lest they grow up to be no ones

The early morning dew falls on my face
But hey! I am human, I have my rat race
Nature beckons me to be part of her beauty
But all I do is work, and think, that's my duty

Take in the sights while you can humans
Because there isn't going to be a world for ever
Learn to differentiate between your work and your duty
Take a break and enjoy nature's beauty