The Debt Collector

Written by: Sharon Tideswell

His coffin was lowered deep into the ground,
they sprinkled cold earth, tears fell without sound.
From low in the grave echoed several loud knocks,
seemingly coming from under the box.
The mourners’ eyes widened, they turned tail and fled,
fearing such noise would awaken the dead.

The graveyard fell empty, the rapping returned,
now sorrow’s fresh roses lay withered and burned.
A guttural voice mocked ‘Knock knock dear departed,
I have come to complete the transaction we started’

‘What do you want?’a frail voice replied.
‘Please leave me in peace, I have only just died’

Malevolent laughter stagnated the breeze,
all earthly sounds suffocated with ease.
‘It seems you’ve forgotten the tryst that was planned
for the day your spent life was entombed in this land.
To pay for your years of excess and deceit,
you mortgaged your soul, I have the receipt.’

Amid cries for mercy, and spine chilling screams
the casket’s wood splintered as Satan slipped through the seams.