America Jacked

Written by: Vicki Acquah

It's like being snatched out of your car by gunpoint ...It's  like being yoked up in the
collar by a Robber.I call it America Jacked,
jerked,played,pimped,conned,duped,fooled.tripped.  Get the facts-Fight back.   WHY KEEP
FLIP FLOPPING,like a Flounder,get a grip. Let go of the old. Get a handle,its a scandal-
Shoot the dice-take a gamble.  Anything is better than this for sure, cant keep feeding us
this Manure,  Do something,make a choice,Speak up, use your Voice.  We cannot let them get
away....Stop the game,don't wanna play!  Find a hole - dig your grave- unless you decide
to be brave.  Stop the madness, get a clue,USA don't care about you.  Stop doing what you're
told to do!  We are the ones that make the rules.Now we are treated like we are TWO. It's a
mess cant you see,Where's your eyes., have you no ears, there is no time for being scared:
Young and old Black and white,yes your Dog is_ in this fight.  Think he ain't,stop and
think...Soldiers civilians ,all are going down,-Ship is sinking ,its swim or drown. The
time has come ,the time is here; Cowards ,OUT! Because we have no time for Fear! Cowards ,
will let the children fight!  Open your eyes and get a clue. If you don't we all are
through!  Ban together, we can hate later,just like being on the front line.we don't care
who saves our lives.  You need a heart,kidney or liver.No one ask whats is the color!
Let's get through this,let's pull together, we can decide who we hate later.Right now our
enemy is common.  We all need to solve this problem. Do what you can ,we can not wait.The
time is now its not to late.We have been sold out ,Jacked,played and pimped. Conned AND
duped,fooled and Tripped. Ashes to ashes dust to dust.reach for your Bible or reach for a
gun,who can bring you back your son?  They steal our money and tax us to,then make people
think its charity were getting.  When its our money that they out letting! Sending
soldiers home broke, with no place to call home ,medical treatment interrupted ,waiting on
checks while their lives are disrupted... Americans being Jacked and smacked like a Two
dollar whore. I don't know about you all,but I am mad as hell,and my head is out of the
window,and I am gonna yell "I cannot take it anymore"