Love, ill let it wait Pt1

Written by: Chelsie Hansen

I rubbed my hands
Making circles on frosted windows
And the rain fell and stuck awhile
We rolled back our seats
Our breaths met but I couldn't let you have me yet
Our hands fumbled,our mouths mumbled
My toes curled in those boots
You told me a story, and I played along
But my hearts a stone and your just a till
See ill move around, but in the end I'm still whole
You try with blades now dull
Yours is the story ill tell 
It's easier for me to mend, something Iv never spun
When I don't have to fit and all you need is my wit
Squeezing in, you'll try but remember your just a till and ill see you by
In the end ill still let you go
I drew on you and let you stick, but I'm tired, and no one can have me yet
Your heart is in my net