Hear Her Screams

Written by: Jayne Eggins

none of us
will see the next century
none of us
will see the next dimension

why should we care?

but they feel it
the empaths,
the watchers, the light,
of creation 

its coming, change
on broken wings,
it flies past
as the world
peels off her layers.

she reveals herself 
to be in torment 
and we parasites
go about our
everyday life

ignoring her screams
for our mercy 

so if I the poet?
can draw attention
to her plight

I will scream
I will curse
I will burn effigy of
every god known to man

its time to notice
its time to take action 

So I scream 
a thousand poems
and cry a million tears

until the wash 
of my sound
can be heard