closed door

Written by: trina aiken

I was standing in front 
Of a shut door
To afraid to reach out 
And open it 
My world was spinning
And my heart was pounding
The things that stood behind that  door
Were things that I was to 
Afraid to face
Now being asked to open the 
Door I thought was 
Locked and closed forever 
Was making me shake 
The things no 
One else knew were being 
peered in by a stranger 
I keep telling my self I’m 
Not ready
I keep trying to convince
Myself it was all her fault 
I keep saying I’m over it, I’m stronger now
But if so why is this so 
I reach out to open
The door and I start to cry
I hear voices shouting all around me
NO, Stop, I’m scared
I’m not ready, I cant tell
They scream louder as I get closer 
But my hand touches 
The door and it slowly begins to 
And then all the memories rush back
And it all begins.