It Is Love

Written by: charmane bellen

Love is the sun that shines in the morning sky
gives joy to everyone who wants to fly,
love is the moon that glows in the midnight sky
gives hope to those who feel shy.

It is love that keep us from tearing apart
the reason why people keep holding the last chances,
it is love who makes us strong to face life's challenges
the cause of our happiness! It is love we chase!

But despite of the good things that love could bring,
Hatred..what is this?

Love is the torn of the charming roses
causes pain that changes everyone's heart,
love is the alluring thing that no one can despise
once enter the mind, persons cannot denied.

It is love that turn good into bad
the reason of hatred and makes people mad
It is love why many are not glad
the cause of their sadness! it is love we had.

But whatever love could turned as into
it is love that gives color to the life too.