Written by: Samantha Search

Broken, i lie on the ground,
wings stretched to full extent,
to the land i am now bound,
afraid my life may be spent,

as the blood starts to leak,
my body grows cold,
hearing death start to speak,
my last breath i grasp to hold,

"Come my daughter,for it is time,
for you have fallen, and your soul
now mine,
Fallen from grace, to this desolate place,
No hope for you now, i will take you under,
to the land of darkness, just take my hand,
i will lead you, i command you, so follow my
voice into the night, bask in no more light,
be filled with fright, of the dead as you are led,
to the underworld, just take my hand."

scared or frighten, which is worse,
when you are staring death in it's face.
try to laugh and he will put you in your place.