Kizz the Badge

Written by: Alias Pretender

former skunk king on beat uptown
sex surviellance up the strip
scout out on varieties
fiery redhead, always got a light
flick a flame in his direction
you know the colour coded eye
say green for go go
grassy blonde was
a red light worth running
Massey told me so 

Rev in the department
declares rats in the ranks
like the brats in the projects
have got no one to thank
sinners are grinners
lovers never win
cowards die many times
liars live intermittently

future skunk king
regulate body temp in the hood
and housewives with their houselives
are making lusty confessions 
one sided mirror
repeats the room in on itself
to a climax in a ceiling fan
the room was spinning but the fan stood still

skunk king was a rat
hid his lesser stench
go see his favourite matchstick girl
with his favourite thirst to quench
she'd eat the cash right off the bone
god knows she'd picked hers clean
she'd kiss the badge clipped to his waist
and go with the routine