The System

Written by: faleshia murphy

What really gives me such a red behind
Is fighting the system for something that's mine
They give you a hard time with this unemployment
But it belongs to me I worked for it and earned it
You have to do job searches jump through hoops
Deal with overcrowded offices and hop through loops
You have to file every week and pray nothing's missing
There really need to be a change in this system

I have this friend her kids are rude and out of control
But how do you let your children run your household
I am talking about minors and teenagers
who laugh when she wants to put her life in danger
Scared to take control in fear of going to jail
Here we go again another system that fail
You can't punish your kids like you use to
Because now they will use the system agaibst you
When the system can be taken advantage  of by a child
Thing must change now someway somehow